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Learn About the Different Styles of Digital Art

The advent of new technologies, such as computer technology and photo editing software, has created a need for digital art. Digital art is a way to create visual art with the use of computer software and a variety of computer-aided visual effects.

There are many different ways to go about creating digital art. For beginners, it is important to be aware that not all digital art is created equal. Many new artists struggle with how to make good art out of a piece of digital artwork. A digital art software program can help you learn some basic concepts of creating digital art. The programs are also available in different price ranges and give you a better chance of being able to create quality art.


To begin with, it is important to understand the digital art basics. There are many different types of digital art, depending on your skill level. A basic understanding of these categories is required before you start to work on your digital art.

  • Fractal/algorithmic artworks: These are the most popular, as they give a realistic look and feel to your work. The idea is to create something that looks like it was generated by the computer. This is a great method for creating abstract pieces, abstract paintings, or even abstract text. The process uses different algorithms, which are mathematical patterns that are used to create something out of nothing. The main difficulty is creating the illusion of 3-D and using the colours within the algorithm to create the image. It can be difficult to use the software as a whole, but if you take the time and learn the basic techniques you will be able to create amazing art.
  • Digital photo-painting: Photo-painting has recently come into vogue and the art can be very attractive. The concept behind digital photo-painting is very simple. You take photos that can be then pasted onto canvas. You then take those photos and past them onto a photo-paper. This can be used to create various types of art. Some digital photo-paintings will take years to create, which is why digital photo-paintings are often done as digital art for beginners. If you are an aspiring artist you may want to take a look at this method to see what you have before starting.
digital art
  • Digital collage: This style of digital art is very similar to digital painting in that it uses a series of photographs to create a large piece of art. This method is commonly used as a means of creating personal expressions of creativity. However, collage works best when used in conjunction with a larger piece. It can be very challenging for an amateur artist to create a good piece from these pictures. However, the techniques used are much simpler, allowing for more artistic freedom.
  • Photo-painting: This style is also called the photorealistic approach and involves painting using photographs and a computer program. It is a good method for creating abstract images. The process is very similar to traditional painting but there are no limits. The main difference is that there is no limit to the subjects that you can paint over and the amount of colour that you can manipulate.

When learning about digital art you should keep the following things in mind. You must be aware that the process is more difficult than traditional painting, but that you will be rewarded for your efforts. with something that will make you very happy. Also remember that this process is for anyone, but that they will learn a lot when they learn to work with a computer.